Masters Production Project, Research “The Fall”

“The Fall”


While researching for the Masters Production Project I came across the opening tiles of the film “The Fall”. The FallWhile not that relevant to the concept of my personal project I am attracted to the style and of the grading used in this opening title. What I like is the tonal quality, the silhouettes and deep contrasts. I also see something of Ansel Adams in the Black and White cinematography/photography in this sequence. “The Fall” Cinematography by Colin Watkinson who until 2002 was credited mainly as a focus puller.The Fall Swimming

The sequence appears overcranked using this technique in my film twould help to emphasise the motion of the mechanicals in the visuals. I would probably use a bleach process in the grading – desaturating the footage to emphasise the mechanical visuals separating the mechanicals in the foreground from the natural backgrounds (Sea, Landscapes).