DRAMA “Unrest” Version Two

Unrest (Short Film Drama Unit)
Bench and Trees
Filming: 14th to 15th March
Director: Listya Widyasari
Location: Kinson Cemetery
Camera: Panasonic AG AF101
Lenses Used: Voigtlander 28mm F 0.95; Nikon 20mm F2.8

Used the H Frame Dolly Track for the opening and ending sequences. Filming was problematic throughout the day with the changing weather conditions. Tree FramingThe morning was extremely foggy which created all kinds of exposure issues. I made the decision to film when at all possible with an exposure of F5.6 or smaller to give a wide depth of field to allow for focus changes during the camera movement on the dolly track. I used a more open aperture when shooting closeups or when the camera was tripod mounted.Man and Women on Bench

In retrospect it was a mistake to film in the foggy conditions, something to be avoided whenever possible or to use artificial lighting to over come the overexposure effect caused by the sky being bright in all direction in effect shooting into the sun. Next time I will recommend finding shade and avoid filming against the sky, which in foggy conditions would be featureless anyway.

We also had issues with sound to which we attributed to faulty equipment. Man TalkingThe sound in some recordings was poor to the extent that we had to dub over some of the video clips at the end of the shoot. In retrospect I also suspect we were experiencing problems with the camera regarding exposure and focussing as the final footage was definitely not up to my usual quality and disappointingly had to be used in the final edit.
Women Talking
Team: Great team everyone worked hard to produce this film overcoming poor filming conditions and equipment faults. Actors also worked hard one having a bad cold at the time, but as they say the show must go on.