DRAMA, “Unrest” drama short film

Drama Short Film

Unrest (Drama Short Film)

Filming: 7th and 8th March
Director: Norman Gregory
Location: Parkstone Cemetery and All Saints Church Branksome
Camera: Canon C300
Lenses Used: Canon 24mm to 105mm, 200mm, 50mm
Walk through graveyard, Drama short film
Unrest short film was shot extensively using the Libec Jib and Dolly and apart from some cutaways using the Tripod every shot included some movement either tracking or combination of tracking, panning and tilt. Some of the shots had to be shot into the Sun I first tried to use the reflectors to light the actors faces but the angles could not be achieved so I used the Litepanel Lights.
The Tall Trees Drama short film
I thought carefully about the depth of field for each of the shots as it is impossible to focus while self operating the camera on Jib and Dolly, so for big movements I went for a small aperture to give greater depth and for less moving shots opened up the aperture to give a shallow depth of field while also considering whether it was appropriate for the scene. That is did I want to reveal or hide the background.
Gnarly Tree Drama short film
It was a very sunny 2 days, shooting early in the morning or late afternoon gave the best light but time constraints meant that I had to shoot with the Sun directly overhead, which meant finding shady locations or using the Litepanels as fill lights. This was mainly successful but not 100%, I would have preferred not to film during these times.
Man in denial Drama short film
Rushed through the setup of the Jib etc. in order to catch the early morning light and mist in the trees, would have preferred to shoot the entire Drama using this light.

Sound was problematic and lost us a half days footage, so I suggested that we would connect the microphone direct to camera and adjust levels using the cameras settings. This worked well and resolved the problem of poor sound quality.Woman reacts Drama short film