DRAMA The Commercial


Filming: 16th March
Director: Ian Hunt
Camera: Panasonic AG AF101
Lenses Used: Voigtlander 28mm F 0.95, Nikon 85mm, Nikon 50mm, Nikon 20mmPink Shoes

I decided on using this location from photos that the Producer supplied and while I felt this was an excellent choice the natural light on the day caused some issues.
At the start of the shoot the sun was directly overhead with this changing over time until the point that the Sun was coming in directly through the windows, which caused some exposure issues.
Another issue I’d overlooked was with mirrors. One whole wall was made up of mirrors, it was a challenge to film and not show the camera in the shot and there where also some light reflections that were unnoticed until post production.

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The shoot was planned for 4 hours and there were times when it seemed we would go over, which of course was not possible. Without this time constraint I probably would have filmed more sequences for post production.Women in towell
I used the 20mm lens for the wide shots for the commercial and for the cloning sequence which was later discarded from the final edit. For the closeups that is the makeup scenes I used the 85mm and 50mm. Although I had some lighting with me the litepanels from the previous days Drama shoot these proved to be underpowered to compete against the strength of the Sunlight coming through the windows. To work around this problem I moved the camera and subject to get the best light although I was fighting continuously against the high contrast light coming through the very large windows. Closing the curtains cast a bright yellow light across the subject so this was not an option.

I made one use of a slider for the reveal of the picture scene.