DRAMA Aaran Aaronson film short

Drama film short

Aaran AaronsonAaron Hello

Filming: 21st to 22nd March
Director: Mehek Azmathulla
Location: Studio PG25
Camera: Panasonic AG AF101
Lenses Used: Voigtlander 28mm F 0.95
Side Shot Drama Film Short
Lighting was key for this production of Aaran Aaronson. Set in the studio PG25 I used only the lights booked for this production. This meant for the key light I used a Cinelight Kit 850W fitted with a soft box and 2 Litepanel LED lights for the fill and backlight. I set these up in a typical 3 point lighting configuration but augmented this with another Litepanel LED light when required. I decided to use only the Voigtlander lens as it gives exceptional performance in low light with the Panasonic. Robocop Dances Drama Short Film

Of even greater surprise was how close you can get with the lens and remain in focus (less than 30cm) perfect for extreme closeups.

There were 3 dance sequences for which I fitted the litepanels with gels, a different colour each time for effect. Finally I set the camera at its lowest point for the actor to appear from 4 different positions into the scene for effect.Bare Feet Drama Film Short

I used the tripod loose head so that I could follow the movements, adjusting the friction wheels to give a smooth action.

Some ideas, for example changing the colour balance of the LED lighting although worked could have been as easily created in post production.Hippie Drama Film Short

Team: Great team everyone throwing out creative ideas to try. There is a lot of improv on screen even though the script was closely followed visually much of what you see was thought of on the day.

Dancing Drama Film Short