Cross Platform Practice, ‘Marvo’s Grand Tour” and “Magic Cups”

“Magic Cups” “Marvo’s Grand Tour” and “Sulky Rabbit”

New video, “Magic Cups” the 3rd video from “Marvo’s Grand Tour”

One of the key stages in the cross platform project goes live for the first time with the public release of the third Video from “Marvo’s Grand Tour”, a series of 10 mini episodes each 30 seconds in duration which will be shown on screens of local Bournemouth Buses.

“Magic Cups” or the case of Sulky Rabbit and the missing balls

For his next magic trick Marvo will make the ball under the magic cups move from one cup to another without the audience being able to guess under which magic cup the ball is. Trouble is even Marvo cannot find the ball under any of the magic cups, but suddenly there’s this feeling that there is something under his hat. Sulky Rabbit strikes again. Meanwhile Elaine loses interest in Marvo’s attempts to find his lost balls and leaves the stage with Sulky Rabbit.

Cast and Crew (Episode 3)

Marvo: Alex Bird
Elaine: Maria Malukhina
Director: Sagar Srivastava
AD: Norman Gregory
Producer: Jack Fairey
PA: Mehek Azmathulla
Cinematographer: Ian F. Hunt
Editor: Scott Loitsch
Written by: James Cottle and Katie Dowling