Cinematographer – Roger Deakins

Roger Deakins becoming a Cinematographer/DOP

Born: 24 May 1949, Torquay, Devon, UK, as Roger A. Deakins, son of actress Josephine Messum & William Albert Deakins.

Education: Bath Academy of Art [Still photography]; National Film and Television School [NFTS], UK [1972-75; shot c. 15 films in 3 years].

Career: During the late 1970s, Deakins and a friend filmed ‘Zimbabwe’, a doc sponsored by the African National Congress. They did it under the guise of making a tourist film, but in reality they were recording what was going on during the civil war. His next doc was about an around-the-world yacht race. He spent a full year directing and shooting a film onboard the yacht [‘Around the World with Ridgeway’]. There were also films about other guerrilla wars and anthropological doc’s. In-between these non-fiction films, Deakins was filming tv dramas, mainly for Channel 4.

Member of the BSC since 1986 and the ASC since 1994.