16th Jun 2014

Masters Project “Indonesian Cooking Program”

Indonesian Cooking [Insert Final Video Here] For this Masters Project, which is going to be a Pilot/Episode one of a webseries of Indonesian Cooking programs I was tasked as the...

05th Jun 2014
RED Epick Kick Boxing

Masters Project RED Epic “Kick Boxing”

RED Epic kick boxing The final film RED Epic “Kick Boxing” (Video features as the Red Scarved Femme Fatal, Beatriz Delgado Mena) In the video above is highly compressed and...

12th May 2014
Triumph Sidecar

Masters Production Project, Research “I Ride A Triumph”

Triumph What I like about this short film is the overall look and in particular the shots from a moving vehicle keeping position with the motorcycle on the road. The...

11th May 2014
The Fall Head

Masters Production Project, Research “The Fall”

“The Fall” Research While researching for the Masters Production Project I came across the opening tiles of the film “The Fall”. While not that relevant to the concept of my...